Magnetic Paper Clips

Magnetic Paper Clips

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 11, 2010

Yesterday we wrote about Label the Cable and how useful and practical they are. We were really into the Label the Cable Mini because it's hard to keep phone chargers, earbuds and random USB cords together. Oh, and there was also the problem of Label the Cable's not being available in the U.S. We think we found a great alternative.

These Magnetic Paper Clips seem to be the perfect alternative to the Label the Cable. The Container Store is marketing them for holding up to 20 sheets of paper, or even a single sheet of paper and sticking it to the fridge, locker or any other metal surface &mdash but we're obviously interested for a different reason.

We're not huge fans of magnets, so, why not use these to wrangle up lose or stray cords? We would totally use one of these to wrap around our ear buds so that we can be sure to find them whenever we need them, and not waste the 10 minutes it takes to untangle them. Oh, and we also have a six month old kitten who loves to put an earbud in his mouth and run around the house with the cords trailing behind him.

These would also work for keeping your USB cords and phone chargers together. GeekSugar reader iz8per submitted their photos of the Magnetic Paper Clips and how they used the clips for their earbuds. We're thinking about hitting up the Container Store tonight and using her idea.

The Magnetic Paper Clips are available for $9.99 for a pack of five.

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