Magnolia Market’s Fall Displays Are Even Better Than Anthropologie’s

published Aug 31, 2018
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(Image credit: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Autumn is a time for earthy hues, rustic touches, and an overall calming feel—three elements that Magnolia Market brought into their space for the upcoming fall season.

Earlier this week, Joanna Gaines revealed details of Magnolia’s new displays inspired by the fall issue of their magazine. Fans can now get an inside look at the design process and witness magic unfold at the shop, one decorative statement at a time.

“We want the heart of the magazine to translate in the look and the feel when you visit the silos,” says Joanna. “This takes months of preparation and a lot of hard work from our visual display team, but I love seeing the work of their hands.”

(Image credit: Magnolia Market)

First, let’s talk about the paintbrush display. The bristles are dipped in buckets of watercolors and let out to dry, leaving each brush with a similar strain. Then a piece of string (each varying in length) is tied to the wooden handles, hanging all of the paintbrushes from the ceiling to make one harmonious cluster. “The idea behind this display was to take that beauty and do something extraordinary with it in an abstract way,” says Joanna.

Simple jars filled with preserves vary in yellow and orange hues. The team mixes dyes together to create shades reflecting the autumn season, pouring the liquid into glass jars and adding an herb sprig into each. All the jars are hung by thick yarn in organized rows, a similar yet different look compared to the paintbrushes.

Another standout feature embodying fall is the weaving seen throughout the space, done by the hands of the display team. “I love the simple and primitive nature of weaving,” says Joanna. It’s symbolic of life—how intertwined and woven the threads truly are.”

(Image credit: Magnolia Market)

And last but certainly not least is the custom peacock, with a body built from watercolor paper and tore feathers and a long tail made of stained paintbrushes. Each paintbrush is marked by a heart-shaped stamp that was hand-carved by the visual team, symbolizing the care and thought that went into every detail of the displays.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Magnolia’s seasonal details and what went into the process, check out Joanna’s official blog. Happy fall, y’all!