Mailbox Extender Made From Server Racking

Mailbox Extender Made From Server Racking

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 15, 2010

At my parents place in Missouri, there was as much snow as there are jokes about the word "iPad" this winter, but that wasn't going to stop my father from having his mail delivered on time. Frustrated by a street packed with 5 foot snow banks and no way for the mailman to get to his mailbox, he did what any good Mr Fix-It would do — dismantle a spare server rack and come up with a solution.

The snow was so tall, we couldn't even get down his hill to get a picture of it to prove what a necessity this contraption ended up being. My parents live at the end of a cul-de-sac at the bottom of a very large hill, so when the snow plows came through the neighborhood, they simply pushed all the snow on the street, right directly in front of his mailbox. The snow was so tightly packed and piled so deep against the curb, digging it out wasn't an option.

So after a week of phone calls to the post office and attempts to persuade the mailman to hop out of his truck and deliver the mail by hand (because the driveway itself was clear), it was simply being undelivered and what is a family to do in the dead of winter without Netflix? Taking matters into his own hands, my father broke down an old server rack, utilizing the slide tracks out of the cabinet. Assembling them in combination with his mailbox and post, he created a Go-Go-Gadget Mailbox that stretched out almost 4 feet!

The mail was delivered as normal and the snow has finally melted off for us to grab a few pictures of his handiwork, though he'll be taking it down for the warmer months. Sometimes it doesn't take an expensive solution to get a job done, it just takes a few spare parts you might have on hand and a little ingenuity (and a label maker to give a silent nod to such clever solutions). We're proud to say, job well done Dad!

(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)

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