Geek Gift Idea 1001: Make a Bag Out of Floppy Disks

Geek Gift Idea 1001: Make a Bag Out of Floppy Disks

File under, "yet another neat thing to do with the floppy disks you have that are gathering dust in your home." This Instructable uses floppy disks to create a messenger style bag that would make a great gift. Bonus, if you give it someone under 25 you will most likely also have the joy of explaining what floppy disks are.

Instructables user Imanalchemist found several floppy disks in a dumpster and wanted to do something fun with them, so he designed this bag. Improving on the design of the bag, he came up with Install Disk 2, and the EL Wire Retrofit.

To make this project you will need several items including, a drill, 1/8" drill bit, pliers, and of course lots of floppy disks.

We think this project would make a neat gift, like we mentioned in the intro, and is a fun way to use up old floppy disks that you might still have around your home.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the DIY instructions. Floppy Disk Bag versions 2 and 3 (EL Wire Retrofit) can also be found on Instructables.

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(Image: Instructables User Imanalchemistlicensed for use under Creative Commons)

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