Make A Coffee Table From 6 Pipe Wrenches

My grandfather always said there wasn’t anything a pipe wrench couldn’t do, and judging by the look of this coffee table, I’d say he was right. This piece was put together by industrial design student Jonathan Niemuth and it’s great inspiration for looking at the tools in your garage in a whole new light.

The only thing that’s holding this table together aside from the wrenches themselves is one bolt in the cross brace between the two ends. You can see it in the second photo above. You’d probably have to have some help with that one, but overall it’s not an idea that’s totally out of reach.

We’ve been to auctions where large amounts of tools go unclaimed because no one needs or wants them and this would be a great way to give them new life. Sometimes it’s difficult to envision using old items or industrial items in ways other than what they were intended for, but thinking about them being used in multiples sheds a whole new light on the idea.

What other items could you put to use? Pipe clamps? Pry Bars? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

(Image: Jonathan Niemuth via Make)