Make A Custom iPod Dock From Your CD or DVD Drive

Make A Custom iPod Dock From Your CD or DVD Drive

Range Govindan
Jun 3, 2010

Just like floppy drives, CD and DVD drives are slowly becoming obsolete. Sure, you might use them from time to time, but most of the time, they just sit there unused. This great little hack will transform your under-used CD or DVD drive into a custom dock for you iPod.

Everyone has heard about people using the CD tray as a cup holder and now you can use your own as a custom iPod dock. Tim Schiesser had enough of his DVD drive and turned it into something else. Thankfully, this hack won't render your DVD drive inoperable. You'll just use it as a dock when you need it.

This build is for an iPod Nano dock. All you'll need is a few tools, the plastic iPod dock that came with you iPod, and an old DVD or CD that you don't mind cutting up. The dock uses a iPod charging cable. You start out by drawing the outline of the iPod dock onto the DVD. Then, you'll cut it out. This might take some time and you'll need to be careful not to snap the DVD. Once you're done, sand down the sharp bits of plastic around the hole that you've cut. Make sure that the iPod dock fits inside.

You'll use some blue-tack on the underside of the dock so that it fits carefully and doesn't fall out. Put the DVD/dock combo into your DVD drive. Attach the docking cable and connect to the computer. If you don't need the dock or you need to use the DVD drive, simply remove the DVD/dock.

All in all, it's a pretty simple device that will work well if you use your iPod Nano a lot and have run out of space to dock it. While it might not look pretty, depending on the DVD that you used, you can customize the look of the dock to enhance this dock.

[via Ubergizmo, photos by Tim Schiesser]

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