Make A Mini Mac For Your Munchkin

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve talked about diy “computers” in the past and at this point there’s just no avoiding our children’s interest in them. Having one around for them to send emails to Spongebob on (that isn’t yours) is a good thing, so for a little more inspiration on making your own, check out this fun parent creation!

Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst whipped up this Mini Mac laptop for her wee one from an old box, some tape and a few stickers. The new toy goes all around the house, because there’s very important work to be done!

It just does to show that a little creativity can bring as much joy to your child as anything that comes from the store. In this case it also brings parental peace of mind knowing Cheerios are being shoved in their keyboard… and not yours! Check out more photos of this cute piece over at Aesthetic Outburst.

Cardboard Mac