Make A Piñata That Stays On The Ground

updated Sep 23, 2022
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Earlier we mentioned this tip on pre-portioning your piñata prizes and one of our lovely readers suggested another great piñata tip that’s perfect for tots too tiny to swing a bat. Make one that stays on the ground to get kicked around instead — here’s how!

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Ohdeedoh reader Jo Joebi made mention of an idea that was a smash hit at one of her parties and has already been requested for next year. Instead instead of hanging up a piñata in the traditional style, she filled it up and finished off the sphere by painting it like a soccer ball. No string was attached and the children took turns kicking it around until it’s was torn apart.

We think it sounds like a fun way to change things up a bit, especially if your party is going down in a park where climbing a tree to hang the piñata is completely out of the question! Even fill one up for the adults.
Check out the full tutorial at A Bit of This and a Bit Of That

Thanks Jo!