Make A Pull String Piñata For Pint-Sized Party Goers

Make A Pull String Piñata For Pint-Sized Party Goers

Sarah Rae Smith
May 18, 2011

There's something primal and awesome about whacking a giant candy-filled ball with a stick. That said, what happens when your party is full of little kids who might be able to swing a bat, don't quite have the oompf needed to bust that bad boy open? We'll you give it a trap door with a pull string of course!

For their daughter Clara's first birthday party Sherry and John of Young House Love broke out the paper macheé Love there's been some paper maché happening! Instead of a traditional piñata, this one was made with a special trap door engineered to stay closed until small party guests pulled on the attached strings.

It still has the same shocking effect for kids who get giggly excited when snacks fall from the sky. There were several tricks of the trap-door-piñata-making process, so make sure you check out what they learned on their post at Young House Love. The whole project came in right around $8 and who can say no to that?

(Images: Young House Love)

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