Make An Indoor Putting Green On Your Staycation

Make An Indoor Putting Green On Your Staycation

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 22, 2010

While flipping through some of the fabulous looks over at FLOR, we noticed something new (to us anyway). This pre-cut putting green rug! How perfect would that be for a little indoor fun on a rainy day or a staycation when it's too hot to venture out? Want to make one for less?

Although the price on this rug isn't bad and as much as we love FLOR products (they're pretty much the best thing ever in our book) for many families they can be a dream product instead of a reality depending on your budget. Although they're not priced outrageously ($139), for young families there's always something else to buy, diapers, strollers, child care — rugs aren't always high on the priority list. Here are a few diy ideas for making your own putting green at home:

• Craigslist: Try checking for carpet remnants on the cheap. More often than not you'll find someone who's getting rid of good (no pets) carpet for next to nothing or companies that have scraps from install jobs. Look for different heights to vary the look.

• Duct Tape: Connect the different heights of carpet with duct tape on the back side. You can also stitch them down to a true rug backer (found at your local craft store in the latch hooking section) with relative ease and you won't have the worry of the tape ever sticking to your floor.

• Check Your Local Grocery Store: For whatever reason, many grocery stores have carpet squares for sale. They usually have seamed edges, but they're usually less than $1!

• Check With A Dealer: Specialty carpet stores (not Home Depot or Lowes) often have the ends of their rolls for sale super cheap. We purchased a 13'x13' "rug" last year for less than $50. Just think how many putting greens that would have made!

• Do You Live Near a ReStore? Many local ReStores carry industrial carpet that would be perfect for a putting green. Swing by once a week and keep your eye out for bits and pieces.

• Color Schmolor: Don't let color hold you back. You can spray paint carpet with fabric paint (sold at craft stores) to whatever color you want it, so remember the lighter the better.

We do suggest using something soft like a plastic whiffle golf ball for indoor use, but we probably don't have to tell you that! Have another idea? Add it to the comments below!

(Image: FLOR)

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