Make An Umbrella Stand From Bathtub Feet

An umbrella stand isn’t one of those things that’s at the top of most people’s to-buy list. But they’re super handy to have around and can make the rainy months on either side of old man Winter a little easier. We ran across this fabulous project that turns claw foot bathtub feet into a fabulous entryway umbrella holder.

Even if feet from vintage bathtubs aren’t always on your radar when you’re out shopping, chances are you’ll come across them more often than you think once you start looking.

This project utilizes a metal pail, which can be found at farm and tractor stores (or your local hardware store usually) and with the help of a few screws, holds a board with the feet attached under it’s bottom lip, concealing all the hardware.

You could leave it weathered like the photo above shows, or you could easily spray paint the whole thing a nice bright lacquer color to match your entryway. Hit up This Old House for the full step by step tutorial!