Make Faux Ruby Depression Glass on the Cheap

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So we know that the holiday season has just passed us, but we can’t help but be taken aback by this faux ruby depression glass. It’s a simple DIY craft that might make good use of clearance finds around the stores this time of year — or even get you thinking about easy Valentine’s decor for a little later. Want to see how it’s made?

Now depending on where you live — or which thrift and antique stores you visit — depression glass can either be expensive and difficult to find or you’re drowning in it. The red glass is especially pretty when it catches the sun and can bring a great pop of color to a table or display.

If you have a hard time coming across it, making your own is an option, all you need is a can of translucent spray paint. It’s rather new to shelves, but it is out there and all it takes is a few even coats. Spraying lightly and evenly with as little overlapping as possible with give you the best results. Check out more on this project over at My Backyard Eden!