Make Lighting Your Tree Easier

Make Lighting Your Tree Easier

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 8, 2011

The most tedious part of decorating a Christmas tree is adding the lights. It seems to take forever to wrap each branch from beginning to end, all the way around the tree.

Although most store bought trees come pre-lit these days, many of us still use fresh trees or even vintage trees that still need a little help in the electrical department. Here's a few tips on making the lighting part go a little quicker so you can start digging out those ornaments and better yet, Christmas cookies!

Growing up we used to make my brother play light gopher. He was skinny enough to slither back behind the tree and carry the light strand around to the hard to reach places while we conveniently decorated the front. We also made him shimmy down the sewer to get our kickballs, but that's a story for another time. Poor dude. He could totally school me now. Lights Sarah, focus!

Our friends over at Real Simple make tree lighting easy with the bottom to top method instead of the around in circles method. They suggest visually dividing your tree into 3 sections and then adding lights accordingly. It will not only make adding lights easier, but if a strand should happen to go out, it makes them easier to fix. Plus, you can add lights to the back of the tree before pushing it into place.

What? You say you already have your tree up and lit for this year? Write yourself a note with this tip and stash it in your tree box so when you unpack next season, you'll give yourself a pat on the back. You can find more tree tips over at Real Simple.

Image: Ellen Silverman for Real Simple

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