Make Spooky Cute Ghosts From Salvaged Lighting

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every time we visit our local ReStore or salvaged store, we always come across tons of extra glass shades for lighting. Even if we don’t intend for them to ever grace a chandelier again, that doesn’t mean we can’t turn them into a great Halloween craft! See how to make these ghosts and get a few tips on letting your kids lend a hand after the jump!

We ran across these great ghosts over at Embellished Bayou and loved the idea of turning old fixtures into something spooky cute!

Her idea was simple, just paint the inside with a little glitter paint and attach vinyl eyes on the outside. She placed them over tea lights to make them glow and she was all set. The look is a great one and for those looking for a simple project to do with their kids that makes a big impact for next to nothing when it comes to cost, this is a good one!

Try placing the glass globes on a bunched up towel on your kitchen table to keep them stable while kids paint. You can even use a blow dryer to make things cure a bit faster, or if your shade is small enough, cover the inside with clear drying glue and place it in a zip top bag. Add some glitter and let your kids shake, shake, shake! Allow to dry and you’ll be all set for eyes! Try a string or two of holiday lights instead of tea lights if you’re not into a traditional flame and you’ll be lighting up the night in no time at all. For extra fun, look out for glow in the dark paint. Ooooh spooky!

Check out more details on this ghouly idea over at Embellished Bayou and head out to your local Thrift Store, ReStore or salvage venue to see if you can find lighting covers to make your own!