Make that Monitor Super-Functional

Get all that junk off your desk and put it exactly where you want to see it, right next to the monitor screen you stare at everyday.

We found a computer accessory (well, an entire Web site of accessories) that makes your standard monitor do double-duty as a desk organizing tool.

We’ll admit we thought it looked a tiny bit silly at first. But then we realized that all the clutter that the Ergonizer holds—your cell phone, Bluetooth headset, post-its, pictures and more!—would otherwise be sitting on your desk.

So the Ergonizer is actually kind of cool. Pick a model (Mini, Slimline or Deluxe) to clip on to your monitor and then shop in their accessories store for all the add-ons you need. The shop of useful clips, hooks and tools include some I-never-knew-I-needed-it accessories like a bud vase, cell phone cradle and a 2-port USB hub. Not all accessories are available on all models, so make your choice wisely.