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Make a Desk Organizer Dock From a Milk Carton

published May 13, 2013
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Now this is a home office DIY I can handle. When the materials list is just three items long and the first step is “drink milk,” you know this craft is just perfect for a quiet afternoon. Even better, you’ll have a perfect little organizer and smartphone dock to set up on your desk the next morning.

Frustrated by a cell phone that didn’t really have a “place,” Karen of

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Serious Craft set out to on a quest to give it one. After being impressed by a Korean-made phone rest that looked like it was made out of a box, she decided to go the DIY route and turn an empty, clean milk carton into a similar desk organizer.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Basically, you’re cutting out a square for your phone, a thin channel for the USB cord to wrap around to the back, and then a round hole to create a knick-knack jar (fill it with rice or sand to stand pens and flowers up!). A coat of paint finishes the whole thing off.

And if you don’t have a milk carton around, you can still try one of these other trash-to-treasure projects for the home:

(Images: Serious Craft)