Make this Homemade Holiday Gift: DIY Wooden Lamp

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift: DIY Wooden Lamp

Tara Bellucci
Nov 25, 2013
(Image credit: The Design Confidential)
Maker: Rayan
Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 1 hour
Project Cost: $25-$40, depending on materials
(Image credit: The Design Confidential)

When you DIY for a living, friends and family come to expect your creations as gifts. Fortunately, Rayan is more than happy to oblige. This salvaged wood table lamp gets a punch of color from the cord and a shot of cool from the paint job. Here's how to make your own:


  • 1 - 4x6 (Lumber) at 20" or so (this can be cut to your desired height)

  • Saw (or you can have your lumber supply cut this to size for you)
  • Lamp Shade
  • Lamp Kit
  • Drill
  • 11/16" Spade Bit
  • Sanding Supplies and Sander
  • Duct Tape (in color of your choice)
  • Paint


  1. Begin by cutting your lamp base (the lumber) to size.
  2. Draw an X shape on one end, from corner to corner, with a pencil. This will designate the center of the post.
  3. Using your spade bit, drill a hole into the center of the top of your post and down as far as you can (a minimum of 4-5" if possible). Then drill a second hole about 4 or 5" from the top on what will be the back of your lamp base. Drill this hole in the center of the lamp base, so it intersects with the other hole. This will be the exit point for your cord.
  4. Sand your base well.
  5. Begin wrapping the cord from your lighting kit with duct tape. You will want to work in small sections so the tape is manageable. I think it's easiest to work vertically with this, so you aren't wrapping the tape for days on end.
  6. Paint your base if desired. I used a bit of a layered wash for my finish.
  7. Wire your lamp according to the directions on the kit. Threading the wires was a bit tricky and using tweezers helped tremendously.
  8. Add a bulb, test it out and add your lamp shade. I chose to paint my shade black, but of course this is a design choice and you can do as you prefer!

(Image credit: The Design Confidential)

Thanks to Rayan for sharing the Wooden Lamp gift idea. Check out her blog, The Design Confidential for more of her creativity and style.

All this month, Apartment Therapy is featuring homemade gift ideas made and submitted by you, the readers. Check back every day for a new project, or head over here to see all the DIY gift ideas.

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