Make Your Christmas Tree Even More Green

Make Your Christmas Tree Even More Green

Taryn Williford
Dec 2, 2008

Is it December already? If you're decorating for Christmas this year, have you started? We haven't. Only because stringing up Christmas lights is one of the most tortuous and frustrating of holiday tasks. Untangling wires, balancing on a ladder and attaching them to the house would be annoying enough, but when we get into a Nancy Drew mystery of the mysterious broken bulb, we turn into scrooge and decide that no festive gesture is worth it. Maybe we just need to invest in some low-energy and low-temperature LED Christmas lights. More about the benefits of going LED under the jump...

LED Christmas lights use light emitting diodes rather than the traditional miniature incandescent bulbs, meaning there's no evil filament inside that can burn out and take the entire string of bulbs with it.

Add to that the fact that traditional bulbs give off excessive heat and waste electricity, to the tune of up to $10 bucks every 300 hours, and you should already be running to the nearest big box retailer to make sure your evergreen doesn't go up in a blaze of colorful glory.

LEDs are also encased in thick plastic rather than flimsy glass, so broken bulbs and mistakenly stepping on one won't result in a holiday tragedy. And the relative thickness of the wires used for LED strings means wires are less likely to get tangled in the "XMAS" box in the garage.

But people who aren't making the switch just yet will argue that LED lights just aren't as bright as their traditional counterparts.

Tell us: Do you decorate with LED lights?

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