Make Your Own Luggage Speaker System

Make Your Own Luggage Speaker System

Chris Perez
Oct 25, 2012

You've no doubt seen a version of the popular Boomcase online. They're the all-in-one, speakers-in-a-suitcase product with a retro modern look. If you don't have the dough to spare on a pre-made solution, or if you just want to add your own personal style, then you need to try this DIY project for a Boomcase made to your own specs...

As is often the case, clever functional style comes at a hefty price. The author of this Instructable, like myself, loved the Boomcase speaker style but not so much the $500 price tag. So he took it upon himself to DIY one.With $50 and some personal labor he made this beautiful case from a suitcase, amplifier, and some used speakers - all things you could scrounge up on Craigslist. If you're feeling motivated, try it out yourself using his instructable here.

What's involved is basically cutting out holes in the suitcase to mount the speakers — he does things with a combination of a knife and a dremel tool for a smooth finish. The speakers are then wired up inside the box and mounted with hot glue. There's a video of the sound quality (below), as well as ideas on how to improve the sound quality and find specific parts on the Instructables page too. So check it out if you've been thinking of making a boomcase. It's definitely got me on the lookout for the right vintage suitcase to try myself.

How cool would this be with an Auxiliary input?

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(Images: Instructable user jm31181)

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