Make Your Own Cheeseburger Ottoman

Make Your Own Cheeseburger Ottoman

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 18, 2010

We ran across this cheeseburger ottoman (two words we never thought we'd use in conjunction) in our internet travels and thought, "Who's going to pay $300 for a cheeseburger?" Instead, we came up with a few ideas on making your own, which as it turns out, is more simple than you think! Come on, you know you want one!

Now admittedly, a cheeseburger isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think ottoman, but what if it wasn't an ottoman? What if it was a stack of floor cushions for your little ones to lounge on while they're taking in some Yo Gabba Gabba or Mythbusters?

By thinking about this crazy contraption as a series of cushions instead of a giant pile of fluff and stuff that happens to resemble a tasty snack, it's much more manageable to think of as an easy to do diy project. All you'd really need is 4 round floor or sofa cushions, slipcovered to the coordinating colors. If you're looking to make your own, you can adapt this tutorial accordingly. Try using sheets of felt for the cheese and lettuce slices (we're sure they'll become roofs for sofa forts later on) and that's all she wrote.

If you're not into the shtick-y cheeseburger feel, just make a stack of coordinating colors that match your room. You could make them all shades of the same color (think paint chip) or into something else that's a cylinder shape. To go the extra mile, cut holes in the center of each cushion, stitching around the edges and place them all on a large dowel rod anchored to a board with casters. That way it can slide in and out from under furniture and the dowel helps kids get things back in the right spot when all is said and done.

Is this a look you'd like in your house? We see french fry bolster pillows in the near future! Share your thoughts on this design in the comments below!

(Image: Cool Sofa)

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