Make Your Own Citronella Candles That Really Work

Make Your Own Citronella Candles That Really Work

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 9, 2010

In High School we weren't the kid with the "Kick Me" sign on our backs, but we are the adults with the "Bite Me" sign. Although it would be super nerdy if that were a Twilight reference, instead we're talking about mosquitoes. The second we walk outside it's war zone and we've recently come to find out why — all those candle and sprays are all crap, so we're going to make our own with this fun tutorial!

Amy Bell over at Positively Splendid has been doing her homework. She had come to the same conclusion that we had (that none of those blasted candles really work) and wanted to know why. Turns out, most of the citronella products sold at the store smell like the real deal, but aren't made with any of the protecting properties that true citronella oil really gives your backyard barbecue.

So she set out to make her own (hip hip hooray!) and was kind enough to share her tutorial on the process. If you've ever made a candle at any point in your life, the process is very similar, but you will need to get a hold of real citronella essential oil. There's all sorts of candle/aroma websites that carry it online in case you can't find it at a craft or hobby store near you.

Before your next picnic, party or outdoor get together, make sure you mix up a few flames to keep all the bite-y things far, far away!
Read the full tutorial over at Positively Splendid

(via: Positively Splendid)
(Image: Amy Bell)

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