Make Your Own Kozo Lamps With Plumbing Tubing

Make Your Own Kozo Lamps With Plumbing Tubing

Range Govindan
Jun 29, 2010

These amazing lamps that were made from old plumbing bits sure look great, but their cost is a bit much in our opinion. It's true that these lamps look pretty easy to make yourself. That's why we found a couple of resources for you to make your own Kozo lamps.

These Kozo lamps were created by David Benatan from Tel Aviv. These original lamps can cost up to $200 and are made out of galvanized iron. All of these plumbing bits stem from reused parts. That being said, nothing stops you from trying to make your own Kozo lamp.

The best approximation of the Kozo lamps that we've found comes from Instructables, from a DIY enthusiast Mlocke. For his build, instead of using galvanized iron pipes, he used thinner copper tubing. You can get these anywhere, from junkyards to hardware stores. This choice will customize your lamp.

Mlocke's guide is pretty complete. It details how exactly you can make a lamp from the ground up. It involves soldering, threading wires through the tube, and creating the switch. Depending on your familiarity with electrical builds, you can either follow his instructions to the letter, or simply harvest parts of your new DIY Kozo lamp from a donor halogen lamp. The reason why halogen bulbs work best is that they are quite small. Once you donor lamp is disassembled, you can just thread the wire through the tubing, and solder it back on.

We've all got plenty of these cheap lamps lying around, so it's easy to find one that can be used for this. It's also something fun to do, especially since you skip the more demanding parts of Mlocke's build by simply reusing an older lamp.

[via Instructables, photos by Mlocke]

The Original Kozo Lamps

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