Make Your Own Stacked Circle Storage Unit

Make Your Own Stacked Circle Storage Unit

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 13, 2010

In case you can't tell, we've had a really hard time spending our hard earned cash in the world of retail lately. First we talked about diy-ing an animal coat rack, then a swinging day bed and now - now we're talking about this storage toy chest. All you'll need is a little glue, a router, a hinge, some casters, your choice of wood and an hour's worth of time and bada-bing you've got a new family heirloom!

Although we're in full support of purchasing this item, it's designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt and even if you could find a store that carried it, you would be shipping from overseas. So on to more practical options, it's time to bust out the router!

The amount of wood you'll need is up to you and how tall you'd like the unit. We suggest using MDF for the project because of it's ease and ability to be routered without splintering. You can use more eco-friendly options, though it will increase the price of the project according to what you choose.

Have your local hardware store cut 2 sheets of MDF into 2' squares (so one vertical cut and three horizontal cuts, should run you no more than $2 to have them cut it). Head home and using a router attached to a string that's been nailed into the center of the board, run it around in a circle to it barely takes off each corner. Repeat for all the boards and then do it once more with a smaller cicle, giving you "hoops" instead of circles (though technically a hoop is a circle, but we think you get the idea). Leave the top and bottom pieces as circles and then paint the edges of each piece. Glue everything together with a strong wood glue, adding nails or screws along the way. Offset each circle slightly to give the sides a texture, or leave them stacked straight if that suits your fancy.Attach a hinge at the top to create a lid and casters down below to allow the piece to roll.

We promise it isn't as scary as it sounds and you'll have a super awesome piece for years to come. If the idea of using a router in this manner terrifies you a little, there's no reason it has to be a circle. Just leave each piece as squares. Drill pilot holes an inch or two in from each corner and use your router or jig saw to cut out the inside square. Attach them together just as you would above and now you have a square storage stool instead (which if you say that last part out loud sounds really swell).

It's a fun look that can be customized to any color scheme and will continue to look great in any room throughout the years!

Image: Hometone

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