Make Your Own Standing Desk: 5 Second Makeover

Make Your Own Standing Desk: 5 Second Makeover

Michelle Chin
Feb 17, 2011

Sitting in an office all day is the polar opposite to what our ancestors encountered in the work place. Believe it or not, when working at a desk in past decades it was common to stand, not sit. Standing all day is hard work, and keeps your metabolism from slowing down as it does when you're sitting. If you want a healthier way to work, check out this 5 second makeover:

The folks over at ManMadeDIY have been thinking about this and came up with a quick, no-cost solution to maintain a traditional desk but have a standing option. A great idea before you invest in changing your entire office situation, only to find it may not work for your specific needs.

The trick lay in something the author already had around: storage boxes. Standard desk height is 29 1/2 inches. Add a 11 1/2" storage box (like the IKEA KASSET magazine box), and you've got a store-able solution that puts the keyboard at exactly the height you need it (if you're six feet tall). IKEA also makes a 10" and a 7", all of which have bases wide enough to support most laptops.

Read the full article at ManMadeDIY.

(Image: Treehugger)

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