Make Your Own Vintage-Inspired Blocks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many of us have been seduced by the charm of well-made vintage toys. Perhaps the most beloved of them all are vintage wooden blocks. If you’ve scored a set for a reasonable price count yourself among the lucky ones. Meredith was admiring some vintage blocks but was less enthusiastic about their price so she decided to make her own.

She writes, “Inspired by the Miller Goodman Shapemakers and Playshapes blocks (but deterred by their cost) I made a few sets of shape blocks that also incorporated people’s faces. The project was super simple, and accomplished at a fraction of the cost.”

Based on Meredith’s description, the process to make these blocks isn’t too difficult but is a bit time-consuming. We think her DIY blocks turned out wonderfully. The color combinations are spot on. To read more about how Meredith created these blocks, check out her blog The Daily Collision. You can also get a close look at these on Flickr.

(Image: Meredith Bak)