Tips To Make Your Poinsettias Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Poinsettias Last Longer

Trent Johnson
Dec 15, 2010

Poinsettias are a holiday tradition that have been a part of the North American Christmas since (if you can believe it) the16th century. Help yours last well into the New Year with these tips:

With the proper care, your poinsettia can last until Valentines Day. Here are some tips, adapted from Oregon Live.

1. Pick Good Plants: Look for plants that have thick stems and full leaves. Fully colored flowers are ideal - those with too much green will never achieve full color.

2. Caring for Your Plants: Keep your plants warm(ish). Don't expose them to temperatures below 50 degrees for long periods of time. Avoid cold drafts from doors and windows, and excess heat from vents and electronics.

3. Watering: Allow your poinsettias to drain. Punch a hole in the bottom of the pot to let water drain out into a plate so the plant doesn't get wet feet. Water thoroughly, but only when the soil looks dry. If you over-water, the leaves will turn yellow and drop off. With a normal household temperature of 70 degrees, the plant should be watered about once a week.

4. Light and Humidity: Poinsettias prefer high humidity so placing it in or near the bathroom is great. They do best in bright, but indirect light.

(Images: Flickr member Bobistraveling licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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