Make Yourself Into A Muppet!

updated May 7, 2019
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If there was a single dream that every child (adult?) in America, dare we say the world has, it’s to become a Muppet. You can have favorite characters, but when it comes right down to it, you’ve always wondered what you’d look like Muppet-ized. You no longer have to wait, in fact, you can order a Muppet that looks like each and every family member. Above, we’ve Muppet-ized the boss lady, Carrie and isn’t she soooo cute?!

For $99.99 you can make yourself into a Muppet at FAO Schwarz. Now at first you think $100… for a puppet and then after a few seconds it sinks in — $99.99 for a Muppet of ME!

We can’t lie or hide our love for this toy, puppet and new found family friend. We can DIY till we’re blue in the face and we’ll gladly do so, but when it comes to Muppets, our pocketbooks are open and we’ve already ordered 3 (told you we were in love!). There are all sorts of eyes, noses, hair styles and clothing to choose from, the problem is only choosing just one.

You can make your own over at FAO Schwarz’s website and even if you don’t order one, we promise you’ll still spend at least 30 minutes making yourself over and over… and over again. See for yourself!

(Image: Carrie McBride, FAO Schwarz)