Makedo Reusable Connectors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We attended the annual Toy Fair this week to scout out new and innovative products coming to market. One that fits in well with our how-to theme this month is Australian-based makedo. Makedo is a set of nifty, reusable connectors to help your kids creations stay together and move.

A makedo kit includes four types of things: child-friendly saws, pings, clips and hinges. It’s more environmentally friendly than using gobs of duct tape and will make those charming treasures-from-trash more durable and easy to play with. The makedo folks had a variety of ideas of things to make on display at Toy Fair and we’re sure your kids will have hundreds of their own ideas.

Makedo just launched and there’s a small delay shipping to the U.S., but you can still place your order and they’ll ship out as soon as they can. Kits come in three sizes, depending on the number of pieces, and range in price from $25- $75. Find out more at makedo and check out their gallery of makedo-enabled creations.

(images 1-3: Carrie McBride, image 4: Makedo)