Watch This Makeup Drawer Get Totally Organized in 30 Seconds

published May 17, 2018
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Mornings are the worst, right? Not to get all Cathy comic on you, but I could seriously use a little solidarity on this front. It’s 2018 and subway wait times and skincare routines both seem to be getting longer and longer by the week.

So it seems highly worthwhile to eke out as much time as you can in your morning—from alarm to “ahhhhh I’m gonna be late for work.”

We’re all too busy writing articles over here to begin research on a Zach-Morris-style time-freezing technology (and not to mention highly unqualified), so the best bit of advice Apartment Therapy can give you for finding a little extra time in your AM routine is to make sure everything stays organized.

When your get-ready gear is easy to find—like here in the “after” shot of the satisfying makeup drawer makeover in the video above—you will never again spend precious seconds trying to find a certain lip color. Nor will you stop to wonder for even an instant if you accidentally threw out your mascara in the great eye smudge debacle of 2018.

An organized makeup drawer also offers a second benefit: Making everything easy (maybe fun, even!) to put away. So when you come home after a long day to remove that makeup and do your nighttime skincare routine (Seriously when did skin get so complicated? Didn’t our mothers and sisters exist exclusively on Neutrogena?), the process is as relaxing as your lavender face mask.