Making it Work: Slipcovered Dining Chairs

While slipcovered dining chairs are fairly common, we think they can be pretty tough to pull off. Except, perhaps, in an actual farmhouse, slipcovers can look very faux-farmhouse. Lately, though, we’ve come across some gorgeous examples of the slipcovered look, so we came up with a few suggestions for how to make it work…

Use white to lighten up a room with lots of heavy wood pieces, or to tone down the formality of a grand kitchen or dining room. White slipcovers can also work very well in a room that’s already busy with pattern.

Or, choose a color for a temporary boost! Since slipcovers don’t have to be permanent, you can choose an unexpected color (see the yellow chairs in the fifth photo); if and when you tire of it, simply remove the covers.

Careful detailing is what sets a lovely slipcover apart from a purely functional dust cover. Check out the gorgeous buttons and pinked edge on the linen slipcover in the sixth photo.

Pair slipcovered chairs with modern accessories for contrast. The dining room in the seventh photo has a relaxed country vibe about it, but the bubble glass centerpiece gives the vignette an edge that keeps it from feeling too precious.

What do you think of slipcovered chairs? Is this a look that could work for you?

(Images: Coco + Kelley; Mary Evelyn McKee; Decorpad; Tria Giovan for Coastal Living; Barbara Westbrook; Keith Scott Morton for Country Living; Jean Allsopp for Coastal Living; John Umberger)