Making Technology Completely Invisible at Home

Making Technology Completely Invisible at Home

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 6, 2011

With all of the technology we have at our disposal today, it almost sounds easy to make all that tech blend into the background and allow you to flex that skillful decor muscle of yours. However, we know that when it comes to camouflaging tech, a little bit of detail goes a long way.

1. Go Wireless, Everywhere: Since almost everything is network-connected now (even microwaves and refrigerators), there's no excuse to have running wires littering your floors. Most routers these days can penetrate walls easily and thus, makes it okay to stuff under desks and within cabinets. You may also consider duct-taping those lights so they no longer call for your attention 24/7.

2. The TV is the Biggest Challenge: Whether or not you're waiting for wireless HDMI to transfer for more than a couple feet or have longed for a TV that can transform into a painting when turned off, hiding the TV in plain sight has been one of our biggest challenges when attempting to camouflage tech in the home. They're bulky. They're picky with placement. It's hard.

We suggest getting creative with the way you mount up the TV or even painting the backdrop to match the bezel in order to mask it from sight. Painting wires the same as the wall color helps too!

3. Use Speakers as Art: While speaker placement may very dependent on where the TV is placed, other ones (such as Tivoli radios and Geneva systems) can actually be placed on their own to create an interactive spot for guests to enjoy music in the comfort of your home without detracting too much from the rest of the space.

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(Image: Contemporist, One More Way to Camouflage the TV @ Unplggd)

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