Making the All IKEA Office Look Less Plain Vanilla

Making the All IKEA Office Look Less Plain Vanilla

Range Govindan
Jul 14, 2011

Getting the home office furniture isn't always possible. Sometimes, you just got to go with whatever works. A lot of people are using furniture that comes from IKEA. While there it's easy to set up your whole home office from IKEA, if you use your imagination, you can come up with some interesting hacks and reuses to make your work area less plain.

We have been using IKEA furniture on and off for a few years, and while we'd like to get something that would look more distinctive (we probably will at some point), there's no denying that IKEA hits the sweet spot, in style and price.

This all-white look is definitely something eye-catching. The slightly asymmetrical shelving that was set up is also intriguing. There's a 4×4 Expedit on one side and a 4×2 on the other. The most alluring feature is the centrally-mounted 4×1 Expedit. It can be used to house peripherals, odds and ends, and papers. It's perfectly placed to ensure that your workstation doesn't get too cluttered. The desk is a white Galant, which is big enough for a dual, triple or quadruple (if they're placed in an arc) monitor setup.

The wall lamps give the overall look some class, and there's a Fillsta table lamp, which looks almost decorative. The monitors could also be placed at the same height using this trick we learned from Ronny's setup (pictured above).

This setup coup benefit with some LED ambient lighting strips, strategically placed behind the bookcases and the desk, to serve up some well-deserved mood lights. Instead of trying to find a workable cable management solution, we'd try to create a faux-wall to hide all of the cables. This fake wall could be painted to match the wall color or painted white to match the white furniture. It would certainly make this setup look clean.

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(Images with permission: Flickr member Mitchell Camps, click though images for other image credits)

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