Making the Switch, the Good, the Bad & the Pretty

Making the Switch, the Good, the Bad & the Pretty

To say that we're attached to our smartphones would be a massive understatement. The furthest our devices are from our persons are generally when we're in the shower and our phones are our primary medium for connecting with the world. We say this to illustrate just how much of a shakeup a change in device and operating system can be and here are some of our thoughts as we're in the middle of this transition right now.

This post is written from the perspective of an iPhone 4 user switching to a Samsung Focus S which runs Windows 7, Mango. We received the new phone a few days ago and here are some of our thoughts.

The Good
New technology is always fun and we have been pleasantly surprised by the quick adjustments we've made for the lighter and larger phone. We love the bright AMOLED screen and have come to enjoy how the operating system handles the contacts we've been able to input. The Xbox Live integration and games are so far one of our favourites parts of the new phone and operating system and we have found ourselves playing far more games on this device than we did on our iPhone 4. Have we mentioned the 4G service is much snappier than our 3G on AT&T?

The Bad
Getting our data onto the device from MobileMe/iCloud has proven to be a huge pain point. We still have not gotten the calendar to sync or been able to import our contacts. Having been a .Mac and an iOS user for years we have never felt the sting of our devices not playing well together and it's not pretty. Our initial set up Windows wise has also proven to be problematic and the syncing with Windows Live took 2 days, while the Xbox Live syncing was instant. The other difficult thing about making the switch is the apps that we have to leave behind, namely Instagram and Skype. We use both of these apps daily and we really cannot go about our work life without Skype. We think for Skype alone we will have to stick with our iPhone as our primary device and keep this new phone as a gaming/music device.

The Pretty
We really love how the calendar and contacts look and operate in Windows Phone 7 (if only they would sync with our data), The design of these apps is very intuitive and the Metro DNA keeps the user experience of the Windows Phone 7 very clean and consistent. Several apps that we have on both iOS and WP7 look better in WP7 and it pained our Apple loving hearts to admit this. We could see ourselves permanently making the switch to WP7 if it would sync with our Macs the same way our iOS devices do and had the apps that are necessary for our work.

What has switching phone operating systems been like for you? Do you have any tips aside from switching to Google Calendar and Contacts for getting the phone to play nice with the Macs?

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