Making Your Own Air Conditioner to Beat the Heat

Making Your Own Air Conditioner to Beat the Heat

Range Govindan
Jul 8, 2010

Last year, we showed you how to make your own portable air conditioner. With the stifling summer heat that is upon a lot of regions in the US, it's time to see what else we can do to cool ourselves down without spending too much money. 

This handy guide showed you how to make your own portable AC. CameronSS' 10-dollar AC is hard to beat when the heat is suffocating you.

Now Ehensel from Illinois has come up with another DIY air conditioner to cool you down in the summer heatwave. The benefit of this build is that the fan that is used is a lot bigger, so in theory, it will be able to cool you down a lot faster.

- fan
- copper tubing
- zip ties
- pump
- cooler

The first step is to take off the grate of the fan so that the copper tubing can be installed inside it. The cooper tubing acts as a heat exchanger. Cool water will flow through the tubing, creating a cool wind with is the basis of this homemade AC. Zip ties were used to hold the tubing inside the grate.

A basic pump is used to make the water flow. A bigger pump will make more water flow, cooling you down even further. It's a good idea to get a bigger pump. A cooler is used to hold the ice water. Once it's all hooked up, the pump needs to be tested out by submerging it. That's it. Once you switch the pump on, the cool water will flow from the cooler to the fan. Switch on the fan and you've got an AC.

There are quite a few ways of improving this basic AC. For one thing, it's probably a good idea to install a filter on the tubing inside the ice water, so that the heat exchanger doesn't clog up. Also, using some kind of insulation on the tubing while it's on the way to the fan is a good idea. That will minimize heat loss. Using a mix of salt water and ice will cool things down even further. Frozen/cold salt water in 2L bottles in a bath of anti-freeze is also another idea to stop wasting water. You just fill up a few bottles with water and salt, freeze them in the freezer and use them in rotation to keep the water/antifreeze solution as cool as possible. When a bottle becomes liquid again, you can exchange it easily enough.

[Instructables, photos by Ehensel]

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