How To Make Your Phone Battery Last

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last

Range Govindan
Jul 20, 2012

It's not always possible to charge your smartphone while traveling outside city limits and into the great outdoors. That being said, there are easy ways of conserving your phone's power while exploring the wild...

Here's what I did on a recent hiking trip:

1. Put Your Phone Selectively Into "Airplane Mode": Instead of going through what apps to switch off, and which settings to modify, a good way to manage your power usage on your smartphone is to simply put it into Airplane Mode. You should see a considerable increase in battery time, and you will be able to continue using most of your services, except the ones that rely on a 3G connection.

2. Wait to Upload Media: While the temptation is great to simply upload any new pics that you've taken immediately, if you're on a hike or trip, it might not be possible. I've grown accustomed to simply taking photos with my native photo app, and uploading them to Instagram and other services once I have access to a power source, like in my car or hotel room (aka #Latergram).

3. Get a Cheap Battery Power Pack: There are some dedicated battery packs for iPhones and other smartphones, but honestly, these type of devices do not last that long, which is one of the reasons I purchased a couple of generic external batteries instead. They usually get my battery from 20% up to 70% in a about 30 minutes or so, and can be easily recharged. The ones I use cost between $20 and $40, and are no name battery packs made in China.

4. More Expensive Battery Packs: If cheap isn't good enough, then you can check out our selection of higher performing battery packs, including the ones from Mophie, which will last you longer, but also cost more.

5. Modify Location Services to Optimize Battery Usage: On iPhones, navigate to Settings > Location Services > System Services in order to check if the purple location icon is displayed in your status bar. If it is, then toggle off "Setting Time Zone". Your battery should last longer, from 30 to 50% more.


(Images: Range and Flickr member Kanesue, licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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