Toddler Or Toto: Who Do These Toys Belong To?

Toddler Or Toto: Who Do These Toys Belong To?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 7, 2010

It's probably wrong to admit that we love shopping for dog toys as much as we do kids toys! We know the two aren't something you might usually compare, but recently, there have been a few toys that left us a little on the fence. We're not sure who they belong to, Fido or Frederick! You decide, after the jump!

It takes some effort, but it is possible to train your dogs to leave the kids toys alone and, likewise children's hands away from the slobbered-on squirrel toy that Fido covets so much (though they'll always be attractive). But what happens when you can't tell one toy from the other? When you're not sure whose toy box they belong in? Here are a few dog toys that might have your kids a bit jealous (though if you don't have a dog, they might not make bad kid toys either!).

The Balloon Collection from Charming Pet: These toys look just like balloon animals. They're made from extra foamy rubber that has a squeaker inside. We're thinking they'd look as good in on a shelf on display as they would in your doggy toy box! (check a retailer near you for pricing)

Nina Ottosson Dog Fighter Game: for $59 at Olive. This game looks like a children's puzzle but is in fact for dogs. They slide pieces to the side to find treats underneath. Now that we think of it... maybe we could hide some Cheerios in there (in hopes the kids would go for snacks instead of the pieces themselves).

Orbee Tough Artichoke: for $12 from Olive. Does this belong in your children's pretend grocery store or in the dog's bed? We're still not sure, but we're positive it could end up being in both!

Do you appreciate dog toys that look less... doggy? Or are they too close to children's toys and might make things difficult to discern? Let us know below!

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