Managing Your Home: The Standards You Keep

011209clean-01.jpgWith the beginning of a new year, we often question our routines and habits and attempt to change in order to reach our resolutions. So today, when we went to our Neighborhood Professional Organizing Meeting (led by John Trosko) the talk turned to standards of service for your home. We wanted to further our curiosity and start a discussion of what the standards are for your home (and we’ve included some of our own) after the jump.

What is fascinating to us is that a woman named, Mary Louise Starkey founded and still reigns as president of a Household Management School in Denver, Colorado. While the graduates of The Starkey International Institute for Household Management go on to service the rich and famous, every home needs some guidelines (no matter how small). While we don’t have a printed manual that we follow to keep up our home, we do have standards that we live by. Your standards can include anything from household chores, to how mail is processed to how you like your bed made.

  • No junk mail. It gets recycled or tossed immediately.
  • While we’re waiting for water to boil for our morning coffee, we sweep the kitchen and living room area.
  • Laundry is always done on Wednesdays. We have a morning conference call on Wednesdays and since we can count on being home, that’s when laundry gets done.
  • While we don’t keep our pantry (or fridge) stocked with food, we do keep a standard of stocking water, cereal bars and coffee.
  • Since we work from home and run a professional organizing business, we are ruthless about keeping office supplies on hand.
  • Clean sheets every Saturday. There’s nothing better than going to bed after a long week in clean, comfy sheets.

    You can read more about Mary Louise Starkey in The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster where she has a chapter on Cleaning Your Home.

    What are your standards for your home?

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