This Space-Saving Drop-Leaf Dining Table Is the Ultimate Solution for My Tiny Studio Kitchen

published Oct 24, 2022
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If there’s one thing small-space dwellers know, it’s that furniture shopping is no simple task. When outfitting a tiny space strategy is a must, so there are multiple boxes your pieces need to check off, with the most important being do they properly fit in your physical space (double points if they’re multi-functional). This is an issue I’ve dealt with firsthand. When I first moved into my studio apartment, I was — naturally — met with some space challenges, namely figuring out how on Earth I was going to fit a dining table in my small kitchen. I knew I wanted something simple and stylish but after measuring out my space, every option I came across was just too big for the space and would leave me bumping into the table left and right. The solution? A drop-leaf table, specifically the Angeli Round Drop Leaf Dining Table.

Featuring a chic mid-century modern look, this gorgeous walnut-colored piece is quite literally the small space dining table of my dreams. With two drop leaf sides it’s extremely compact, allowing me keep it folded and flush against the wall while not in use, preventing any unfortunate bumps and bruises while moving around my space. Then, with a quick toggle underneath, I can prop up both sides and have a roomy 35.5-inch round dining table for meals and other gatherings in seconds. What more could a studio-dweller want?

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

As for assembly, that’s a cinch — simply attach the mounting hardware to the tabletop, screw in the legs, and you’re ready to rock. I paired this table with a set of eye-catching green velvet chairs that feature a similar leg for a sleek dining look that feels way more expensive than it is. Best of all, this design is so perfect for my space, most of the time I can keep one side propped up and still have enough space in my kitchen to get around! You got to love it (something that’s clearly a shared sentiment as this table has an almost five-star rating at Walmart!)

The Angeli Round Drop Leaf Dining Table comes in at just $259, making it a particularly budget-friendly find for those on the hunt for a piece with both function and style. So whether you’re in need of something that’ll work in a small space or simply want to maximize the space you do have, this dining table is sure to get the job done. Here’s to stylish dining nooks and bruise-free legs for good.