Man’s Best Friend

For some guys, home design has literally gone to the dogs. Furry friends big and small have influenced these homes from designer bowls to matching chew toys. As we continue our Inside Man project, take a look back at some of our most popular pooch-themed posts.

Actually, designing for dogs can be a great place to start. It’s going to influence the couch you buy. You’ll need to consider the best spot for the dog bed or will you need a crate? Where will Biscuit keep his squeaky toys? Or maybe you have a favorite piece of doggie art to go above the bed. Just remember, you’re the master. So when it comes to letting your pups on the furniture, allow them up with a stern look on your face.



The Inside Man is our guide to interior style for guys. All summer long we’ll be sharing inspirations, ideas and projects. Check out our Inside Man page for more details.