Mapping Out Your New Home

011210newhome-01.jpgYou’ve signed the lease, the movers are scheduled and you’ve purged belongings that didn’t make the “move cut.” If you’re anything like us, this is when you really start to plan and map out your new home.

  • Take pictures When we signed the lease on our apartment, we requested to meet at the new pad. We wanted to take pics so we could share them with family and friends (and more importantly– it helped us to remember what features are where).
  • Take measurements Before our “lease signing” appointment, we made sure to measure our larger furniture so we would know what would fit and what was better to sell at the yard sale. While we were at the new place, we also took the measurements of each room which will allow us to create a floor plan to figure out furniture placement ahead of time.
  • Take note of storage areas Count closets, cabinets and built-in storage space. If your new home has less storage space, edit belongings before you move. Because our new apartment has extra drawer space in the hallway, our bedroom dresser will definitely be repurposed for DVD storage in the office.
  • Get inspired Now is the time to flip through your binder full of home design tear sheets or start bookmarking favorite elements from Apartment Therapy House Tours. We’re also making a list of decorating projects that we’d like to accomplish in the first month–with a hard deadline. Accountability is key so you’re not still living out of moving boxes six months down the road.

Apartment Therapy readers, in the few weeks leading up to a move, how do you prep for the big change? Do you take pictures and plan out rooms ahead of time or do you wing it and let home design happen organically?

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(Image: Beth Zeigler)