Marie Kondo’s New Gardening Collection Will Spark Joy Among Plant Parents

updated May 31, 2020
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Although gardening is an activity that definitely sparks joy, the tools don’t often evoke the same feeling, with most designs a little too utilitarian. Thankfully, there are exceptions, such as Marie Kondo’s new gardening collection.

Available in Kondo’s online store KonMari, the collection deserves a (green) thumbs up for combining form and functionality. Each item stays true to the tidying expert’s brand, with an aesthetic that’s clean and minimalist. The colors and quality materials used also make the tools suitable inside the home as decorative pieces (rather than just sitting inside a dark and lonely shed).

Here are some of the items worth checking out.

Credit: KonMari

Garden Works Bamboo Indoor/Outdoor Gloves

Made from breathable bamboo instead of nylon, the glove’s natural fiber keeps your hand cooler and less sweaty. 

Buy: Bamboo Indoor/Outdoor Gloves, $10 from KonMari

Credit: KonMari

The Floral Society Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer

What’s a Kondo store without an organizer? This cotton organizer comes with 20 compartments in various sizes. And because it’s easy on the eyes (in contrast to more-traditional tool racks), it can be hung up inside the playroom, the closet, and the kitchen, too.

Buy: Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer, $117 from KonMari

Credit: KonMari

Fuqugi The Joyful Desk Cedar Planter

Made by craftsman Daiki Sakae in his remote workshop on Kyushu Island, this planter is carved from Japanese Yoshino cedar and mimics the tree’s soft grains and groovy lines. Stunning, yet doesn’t steal too much attention from the plant it hosts.

Buy: The Joyful Desk Cedar Planter, $65 from KonMari

Credit: KonMari

Niwaki Carbon Steel Japanese Garden Scissors

A beautiful upgrade from that tacky pair of office scissors you’ve been using. These carbon steel scissors will make you feel like you’re snipping away in a Zen garden. If you also need pruning shears, there’s also a pair that looks and works just as good.

Buy: Carbon Steel Japanese Garden Scissors, $32 from KonMari

Credit: KonMari

Niwaki Steel & Wood Soil Cultivator/Hand Rake

Hand-forged by a father-and-son team in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture, this hand rake’s little details—like the wooden handle and the knot—make it the perfect garden companion. A matching trowel is also available.

Buy: Steel & Wood Soil Cultivator/Hand Rake, $64 from KonMari

Credit: KonMari

Aplat Reusable Raw Denim Flower Market Tote

The plastic waste that usually comes with bouquets certainly do not spark joy. But this tote, made from locally-sourced surplus denim with zero-waste practices, sure does.

Buy: Reusable Raw Denim Flower Market Tote, $42 from KonMari