Marie Kondo Just Made A Folding Mistake That’s So Relatable

updated Jan 9, 2020
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Marie Kondo has been known as the decluttering queen since releasing “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” back in 2014, and Netflix’s “Tidying Up” has only further validated her reputation as such. But something unexpected and extremely refreshing happened when she appeared on the “Rachael Ray” show: Kondo made a folding mistake.

During Tuesday’s episode, Kondo and her translator Marie Iida made an appearance to demonstrate folding methods IRL. Rachael Ray follows Kondo’s hand gestures as they both work with a blue button down shirt on the table in front of them. Kondo says that she prefers to hang shirts like this to protect the collar part, but that she would “make an exception.”

Kondo starts the process by folding one sleeve inward, telling Ray to imagine that she’s “protecting the part of the collar.” She continues to make a rectangle with that sleeve and tuck it into itself, then begins to do the same on the other sleeve to make it symmetrical.

At 1:07, Iida whispers something to Kondo that makes her jump back a bit and re-evaluate what she’s doing. However, the camera then shifts to Ray struggling with her task, and everything seems normal as the audience laughs.

Then the smiling Kondo starts unfolding her two completed sleeves as Iida translates Kondo’s words, “Oh my god, I made a mistake!” The entire audience gasps and giggles at the same time as Ray makes light of the situation, pointing to Kondo and implying that the decluttering queen is just like us.

Kondo apologizes several times, although it’s unnecessary because everyone makes mistakes, and we guarantee that this is going to make people love her even more. Kondo then flips over the shirt, showing the error was that she performed the deed on the wrong side, so there was really nothing wrong with the folding itself.

Kondo proclaims, “I knew something was wrong!” to which Ray replied, “That’s what editing is for!”

Despite how Kondo might feel, we’re glad that the moment made it in the episode because it’s real and human. So next time you try the KonMari folding method and find yourself frustrated that you’re not getting it right, just remember: even Marie Kondo makes mistakes.