Mark's Robot Invasion Studio

Mark's Robot Invasion Studio

Gregory Han
Jun 3, 2011

Name: Mark Cheng
Location: Princeton, New Jersey

What do you like best about your workspace? As a web designer and filmmaker, I used to have a really cluttered, messy space thinking that the chaos helped inspire me creatively. Wrong! What i love the most about my recently redesigned home office is that it's neat and organized, and everything has its own space.

My toys and posters surround and remind me of my childhood- the age of life where creativity is the most intense! The cork strip and a mini photo shelf on the back wall house pics of my family and artwork from amazing pop-culture/comic artists from all over the web. They are a constant reminder of who loves me and who i love, and help create the best environment for my creative work.

Any tips or advice about keeping your desk area and/or computer desktop uncluttered and a productive place to work? Hide and store it away!! Because you deem yourself as a visually oriented individual doesn't mean you have to have all your stuff laid out in front of you to scan! When you look up from your computer to think about a question or challenge, the only things you see around you should be things that inspire you and help you find your answer.

If give the opportunity, what would you like to upgrade/replace/improve about where you work? Hardware, software, furnishings, lighting? I think I need a small couch where I can lay back to think. It'd also be useful for when people come by to collaborate or see the newest project I'm working on. I also plan on clearing out the rest of the clutter under the desks. Now that hard drive space is so cheap, I might consolidate the half dozen external drives I have into fewer larger capacity drives. Maybe I'll buy more robots too. I adore robots.

Tech Resource List:

  • the left side computer is a custom built Windows PC tower
  • the right side is my 15" Macbook Pro that I use for all my filmmaking
  • under the double desks are a subwoofer and about 3 terabytes of external drives; a 2 terabyte raid 0 drive for all my video files is the majority of that
  • I also have an IKEA Signum cable management system under the left desk
  • my HD camera with a shotgun mic sits atop my desk, usually side-by-side with my Canon 7D DSLR; both for filmmaking
  • an Enforcement Droid series 209 by the desk lamp on the left

Furniture and Decorative Resource List:

  • IKEA Ribba picture ledge under the
  • IKEA Lack shelf
  • IKEA LED lighting mounted under the shelf
  • IKEA Vika Alex/Amon/Curry desk on left
  • IKEA Vika Blecket (with lightbox) table and Artur Trestle legs on right
  • IKEA Expedit bookshelf system
  • 6 cork squares from Staples

Got a desktop or home office space balancing home technology with home decor? Unplggd would love to share your space as inspiration. Just email us at Unplggd, with the subject "Unplggd DeskTops".

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