Martha Is In The Building

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we type, we can hear the helicopters overhead, just a few blocks away that the Federal District Court Building. Martha checked in just over an hour ago, and over at Rueters is described thusly:

Wearing a black pantsuit, Stewart looked composed as she walked into the courthouse …. Stewart, 62, stopped to kiss her banker on the cheek before climbing onto the courthouse steps.

Hundreds of media photographers crowded around with tripods, ladders and up to three cameras hanging around their necks to capture the perfect shot….

Aside from four picketers wearing earrings that said Stewart’s trial was unfair… her supporters were noticeably absent from the downtown scene. (Reuters)

We think that this trip to the courthouse might be a short one. Last night at a bar in village conversation drifted to Martha, and the concensus was that she continues to have a deaf ear for getting out of ditches. Will she be giving her banker a kiss on the way out? MGR