Martha Not Going Grey

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Note to self: public display of guilt may be helpful at sentencing time. Reported today in The Times (Before Facing Judge, Stewart Is Out and About) Martha has gotten over her momentary dip in self-confidence and is back on the party circuit big time. With multiple appearances in the past month at events such as Calvin Klien’s house party in the Hamptons, the premiere of “Farenheit 9/11” and the Council of Fashion Designers awards, she is keeping her profile high, much to the dismay of some who would prefer to see her saved the further embarrassment of a harsh sentence.

Edward Haynes, a trial lawyer in NYC, puts it succinctly:

She is not coming across well. It continues to be all about her and she never does say anything about the people who got hurt. There has been no exhibition of remorse. Those are the only things that can affect her sentence.

Like a number of creative people we like, some just don’t have the common touch. Perhaps Martha should have hired Jonathan Edwards. (NYTimes – photo Wireimage) MGR