Martha Stewart’s New Show on TLC

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We never imagined that we would be devoting this much time to Martha Stewart but we watched more of her new show on TLC, and wanted to let you know that it stinks. We know it’s early and maybe Martha needs to get reacquainted to life out of the brink, but the show is like a parody of itself.

In the episode Ms. Stewart is throwing her mean spirited Mom a 92nd birthday. The carrot cake looks like it was off the “day-old” shelf, the floral arrangements look played out (They are pretty, but we are sure her magazine has shown the same display for the past ten years), and Martha, (looking more and more like Dianne Sawyer) seems like she knows that she has used up all of her high end D.I.Y. attitude.

Maybe her reality show will shed some light. Is there such a thing as a good thing anymore?