Martha's Laundry Room

Martha's Laundry Room

Anna Hoffman
Jan 7, 2011

I've come to terms with the fact that nothing about my home will ever even remotely resemble anything in Martha Stewart's home, or in her magazine. But that doesn't stop me from poring over the images of domestic perfection that she so effortlessly creates. Today, Martha blogged about her laundry room at Skylands, her home in Maine.

Of course, Martha Stewart has a stunning collection of antique and vintage hand-embroidered linens, which does require a multiple-person staff with state-of-the-art equipment to launder and preserve it properly. So I'm not even sure we can call this 'inspiration,' since it's on such a grand scale, but it's definitely making me drool (all over the lovely embroidery!) Check out some of her images of her huge, sunlit, quasi-industrial laundry room.

Part of what makes Martha's laundry room so impressive is the scale. Here, we see her three ironing boards lined up in front of windows, so that the beautiful views can make the chore "actually a pleasant pastime" for her staff. Notice the beautiful swooping iron base on the ironing boards.

In addition to the three regular-sized ironing tables, Martha also has a large padded ironing tabletop for oversized items like sheets and tablecloths. Using a padded tabletop as an ironing surface and a folding surface is an idea that we can definitely consider for our own homes!

I love this gorgeous wooden retractable folding rack on which Martha can air-dry her fine small linens. Very Gosford Park.

Martha also installed this insanely amazing Drying Cabinet, which has lots of surface area for drying large items that are too delicate to tumble. This actually seems to me like a useful appliance that I could really use in a small-scale version! See how the eye adjusts to grandeur?

Several of Martha's laundry machines are vintage and have a fantastic patina, including these ironing mangles that can quickly and safely press delicate pillowcases and handkerchiefs. Check out that big red button, like a 1950's B-movie device of destruction!

This is a flatwork finisher, which one can feed clean, damp tablecloths and bedsheets through to achieve a perfectly-flat and dry finish. Martha writes that she bought this machine because she is "passionate about finely ironed linens."

Martha posts more photos with descriptive captions on her blog, so be sure to check it out.

What do you think of Martha's laundry room? Are you inspired to incorporate any of her ideas into your own laundry area?


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