MarthaWatch™: The Boss Gets Grilled

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As the Television season hits full stride and Martha’s new shows can be fully evaluated, this is from our readers on the ground.

Curtis is lining up this morning to be an audience member on today’s MARTHA show. He’s got the flickr address, so we may see pics on the right.

…[I will be there] with [my] favorite eBay purchases in hand. Mine will be, of course, the pair of paint-by-number paintings that I used to create the mural in my own apartment, and a couple of 8×10’s of the mural itself…

Chris just sent in this link that shows all the sets for Martha’s Apprentice.

As I watch the show, I alway pause it to check out the rooms on the show. My fave is the East Hampton side chairs in the kitchen. As much as the show is a flop (I still love it) I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at these rooms.