MarthaWatch™: The Juggernaut Continues Tonight

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tonight’s the night. While AT LA didn’t like Martha’s new daytime show with P Diddy “rap”ping, we go into round two tonight. The daytime show portrays Martha as a big sweetie; who will she be tonight?

We love her comment that she “doesn’t like firing people.” followed up with “I have other people do that for me.”

But we were seriously affected by this video clip she has done for PETA, that (good for her) pits her publically against the fur trade. Watch it only if you are not eating, as you will certainly hurl.

The Roundup:

  • Stewart’s poncho a hit with fans Within 48 hours of going on sale, “viewers placed more than $375,000 worth of orders” on Martha’s site.
  • “Martha Behind Bars” airs Sunday: Cybil Shepherd reprises her role. Review: “It also would be a good thing if it were a good movie. It isn’t.”
  • Stewart stock on rise as TV show hits air: The stock is back. The companies turnaround is called “fast and impressive” and the price is up 477% since Oct. 9, 2002.
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