Marva & Brian Do The Cure

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not satisfied to simply pursue the 8 Week Cure by herself, *wende in san francisco* has taken the concept to a new (higher?) level.

At, you will meet Marva and Brian, two very small people, who are pursuing the Cure in their 1/24 size dollhouse. This is not to be missed.

Here’s the pitch from the first post: Marva and Brian sold their house and bought a condo in much more convenient Hayward. The problem is, the place is bright, new, and bland: white walls, white floors, white ceilings, and a complete lack of character.

Frustrated with their cold, dull apartment, Marva and Brian took to having coffee in the nearest Borders. There they discovered (on the wrong shelf) a little book called Apartment Therapy. They were inspired to try the 8-step cure for themselves.

Since Marva and Brian are scaled in 1:24 to the real world, their weeks may go by quicker than real time, too. We’ll see.

Marva and Brian’s blog only takes them through Week 2, so we have to wonder what they have done lately (it may be time for a visit from a Mini Apt. Therapist). In addition, they seem to have overlooked the tremendous need to paint the kitchen a bright, sunny yellow. (Thanks, Wende!)